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Joy O’Brien


Joy O’Brien is a residential school survivor who, with the support of the FG Foundation and her family is gaining the traditional knowledge of moose hide tanning. Joy is not only a survivor, but also an intergenerational survivor whose goal is to bring hide tanning skills back into her family line and pass along the knowledge to her children and grandchildren.

Joy was able to join a moose hunt with her family, where they travelled on the land by foot and machine to learn to find signs of moose. During the harvesting, the group learned how to take great care and pay respect to the animal for giving up its life, how to use only what is needed and to use all that is harvested. Joy had the chance to listen to her traditional language and speak the words related to moose hunting and hide tanning. She also leaned all the steps in producing a quality moose hide. Her time out on the land gave her the opportunity to strengthen family connections, learn important cultural skills, and new teachings to share with family and the people she works with. 

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