"Post-secondary school is a privilege for me, and the NIB Trust Fund has helped me to accomplish my short-term goal of becoming a registered nurse while maintaining the quality of life for myself and my children." - A. Rosenberger

FG Foundation Approves $11.2 Million to 115 Organizations

The Future Generations Foundation is excited to announce the funding decisions for the 2024-2025 organizations. This year, the Board of Trustees has approved a total of $11.2 Million to support 115 organizations. This sum comprises of $10.05 Million of Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement and $1.2 Million in Beyond Reconciliation Donation funds.

Important Announcement from NIB Trust Fund: Protecting Your Personal Information

Future Generations Foundation (formerly NIB Trust Fund) is reaching out to all current and former funding applicants and recipients to inform them of a recent incident that may have affected the privacy of their personal information. We take this matter very seriously and want to assure our applicants and recipients that we are committed to safeguarding their data.

National Indian Brotherhood Trust Fund (NIBTF) announces launch of Beyond Reconciliation Fundraising Campaign and name change

NIBTF introduces the Beyond Reconciliation $100 Million Fundraising Campaign, addressing Indian Residential Schools' impact. The organization's name change to Future Generations Foundation (FGF) reflects a commitment to empower Indigenous communities and bridge historical gaps. TD Bank Group kicks off the campaign with a $5M donation. Join us in creating lasting change.

Hudson's Bay Foundation Commits $1.2 Million to NIB Trust Fund, Supporting First Nation Communities, Organizations, and Individuals

NIB Trust Fund (NIBTF) and Hudson's Bay Foundation (HBF) announce a transformative partnership, committing $1.2 million over three years to support Indigenous communities across Canada. The collaboration marks a pivotal moment in NIBTF's journey toward creating positive impact and reconciliation for First Nations individuals and communities nationwide. With a focus on education and employment, NIBTF and HBF aim to uplift and empower Indigenous peoples through this meaningful alliance.

NIB Trust Fund Announces the 2023-2024 Individual Call for Applications is Now Open

The NIB Trust Fund is now accepting applications for funding from individuals for the 2023-2024 year. Individuals may apply for funding from the NIB Trust Fund through the online application accessible at nibtrust.ca.

The NIB Trust Fund Approves $9.8 Million to Groups and Organizations

The NIB Trust Fund approves $9.8 Million for the 2023-2024 year to First Nation and Métis organizations, communities, and governments.

Connor, Clark & Lunn Foundation Donates to NIB Trust Fund as part of Continued efforts to address the harmful legacy of Residential Schools System

CC&L Foundation commits $125,000 to First Nation community groups and students through NIB Trust Fund as part of ongoing investment in wellness, diversity, and inclusion.

Canadian Western Bank Donates to NIB Trust Fund to Bolster Economic Inclusivity

$50,000 Donation will Support First Nation Communities & Individuals Pursuing Healing & Reconciliation Programming

Laurentian Bank Supports NIB Trust Fund in the Continued Efforts to address the harm of Residential Schools

Laurentian Bank donates $50,000 toward NIB Trust Fund as part of commitment toward reconciliation

The NIB Trust Fund Approves $4.7 Million to 2022-2023 Individual Beneficiaries

The NIB Trust Fund approves $4.7 Million for the 2022-2023 year for culture, language, and education opportunities.

NIB Trust Fund Announces the 2022-2023 Individual Call for Applications is Now CLOSED

The NIB Trust Fund is no longer accepting applications for funding from individuals for the 2022-2023 year. We aim to provide funding decisions mid to late September 2022. The next call for Individual Applications will be available in April of 2023.

The NIB Trust Fund Announces The 2022-2023 Organizations Funded Programs Aimed at Healing and Reconciliation

This year, the Trust Fund supported several healing and reconciliation, employment and education, culture, language, and youth and family kinship programs and initiatives for First Nations and Métis people across Turtle Island.

Check Out the New NIB Trust Fund Grants Explorer

The NIB Trust Fund is happy to announce the Grants Explorer, a new interactive beneficiary map highlighting the NIB Trust Fund beneficiaries across turtle island.

Continuing our Journey

NIB Trust Fund provides resources to create opportunities that improve the quality of life for First Nations and Métis in Canada. These are some of our stories.

The Alberta Native Friendship Centres Association's (ANFCA) visionary initiative, "Indigenous Youth Rise Up," stands as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration and empowerment. ANFCA's program embodies a commitment to fostering leadership and reconciliation among urban Indigenous youth across Alberta. At the heart of "Indigenous Youth Rise Up" lies a profound recognition of Indigenous youth as the torchbearers of tomorrow, entrusted with the responsibility to shape the future in accordance with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Calls to Action and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). Guided by the wisdom of ANFCA Elders Wisdom Circle members, survivors of residential schools, the program facilitates a dialogue of reconciliation and action, igniting a spark of change within the hearts and minds of Indigenous youth. Through a series of immersive experiences, including in-person reconciliation discussions and virtual gatherings, ANFCA empowers youth to delve into the complexities of reconciliation, Indigenous governance, and civic engagement. Multigenerational learning opportunities with Elders and Knowledge Keepers enrich these discussions, infusing them with Indigenous wisdom and survivor perspectives, thus nurturing a deep understanding of TRC and UNDRIP principles. “Indigenous Youth Rise Up" empowers its participants to reclaim their heritage and stride confidently toward a future imbued with hope and possibility. Through the steadfast support of the Future Generations Foundation, ANFCA's program exemplifies a beacon of resilience, empowerment, and reconciliation for Indigenous communities across Alberta and beyond.

Alberta Native Friendship Centers Association

In the heart of Syilx territory, the Syilx Language House (SLH) is a beacon of cultural revival. In its third year of FG Foundation funding, SLH's Adult Fluency & Community Program is cultivating a linguistic resurgence. SLH's provides adult fluency recordings, evening classes and even delivers a community program in daycare language games to the Boys and Girl club. Thanks to Future Generations funding, SLH empowers teachers and elders to guide this transformation, cultivating a future where Syilx language and culture thrive.

The Syilx Language House

The Shäwthän Näzhì: Recovery Support Program, is a transformative journey of healing and recovery for Yukon First Nations individuals. The Shäwthän Näzhì program, supported by the Arctic Inspiration Prize Charitable Trust, the Future Generations Foundation, Council of Yukon First Nations, Yukon Government, True North Aid and YSPOR, is poised to address the urgent need for aftercare and recovery support among Yukon First Nation communities struggling with addiction. This Recovery Support Program takes a holistic approach combining various healing modalities, including equine, animal, and art therapy, energy and body healing, trauma and attachment therapies, and First Nation ceremonies and wisdom. With a focus on Indigenous worldviews and methodologies, the program is grounded through a variety of land-based activities. As Shäwthän Näzhì unfolds, it aims to empower Indigenous communities to run local programs, bridging the gap between addiction treatment and sustained recovery. With the support of generous supporting funders, this program makes a profound and lasting impact, nurturing resilience and healing among Yukon First Nation’s citizens.

The Shäwthän Näzhì

The Native Communications Society (NCS) is leading a pioneering initiative aimed at empowering Indigenous youth by preserving language and culture. Through the creation of the 'Indigenous Language Digital Culture Tool,' NCS perserves Indigenous heritage and has created a deeper understanding of ancestral language and culture among future generations in the North. At its core, the project is focused on ensuring that Northern youth have access to timely, relevant, and engaging tools for learning their ancestral languages. With guidance from experts in the educational field, the program employs innovative strategies and digital platforms to offer authentic language learning experiences. Beyond language acquisition, the project seeks to cultivate meaningful connections between youth and their elders. By encouraging exploration of heritage and folklore in a fun and secure environment, the project aims to deepen youths' understanding of their ancestral language and culture while fostering stronger bonds with their elders. This journey has already planted the seeds for a vibrant and resilient future for Indigenous youth in the Northwest Territories. With the generous support of the Future Generations Foundation, the 'Indigenous Language Digital Culture Tool' project is poised to leave a lasting impact, empowering youth to reclaim and celebrate their language and cultural heritage.

Native Communications Society

Carisa Naistus, hailing from Onion Lake Cree Nation, embodies the spirit of perseverance and community upliftment. Despite facing difficult challenges, Carisa is enrolled in an accounting and strategic measurement program showing her persistent commitment to personal growth but also the advancement of her Indigenous community. Regardless of intergenerational trauma, stemming from the residential and day school systems, Carisa's desire is to provide a better future for her two young children. Her educational pursuit serves as a guiding light for her family and community, leading as an example for a better path toward empowerment and prosperity. Combined with her educational commitments, Carisa is also actively involved in band meetings and community initiatives, offering support and guidance to those in need. With unwavering strength of character and a heart dedicated to community upliftment, Carisa exemplifies the transformative power of education and the resilience of the Cree spirit. Her journey stands as a testament of perseverance and encouragement for Indigenous youth, poised to shape a future defined by empowerment and opportunity.

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