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“This scholarship is not only helping me reach my educational goal, but also provides one step closer to giving back to my community.”

The mission of the FG Foundation is to provide resourcing that creates meaningful opportunities that improve the quality of life for First Nations and Métis people.

Who do the donations support?

Support for the FG Foundation helps First Nations and Métis people and communities address the impacts from the Indian Residential Schools System and supports beneficiaries to reconnect to culture and language and pursue post-secondary education. Donations can help individual beneficiaries work towards their personal educational goals with financial assistance in the form of bursaries, scholarships, and awards that can help lessen the financial burden faced by many students. Individual beneficiaries are also Residential School Survivors, like Reggie Neeposh.

Your support for the FG Foundation directly benefits our beneficiaries and contributes to the development of stronger First Nations and Métis individuals and communities.

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