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Matthew Parenteau

Nurturing Tradition Through Healing and Cultural Reconnection, Manitoba

Hailing from Pine Creek First Nation in Manitoba, Matthew Parenteau's path has been marked by both personal struggles and professional dedication as a social worker with West Region Child and Family Services.

Rooted in his traditional upbringing, Matthew has been a steadfast participant in ceremony since 2013, drawing strength and guidance from ancestral teachings. However, family challenges have posed to be significant obstacles to his spiritual journey. Financial constraints have prevented Matthew from attending ceremonies and accessing the healing he so desperately needs.

Despite these challenges, Matthew remains determined in his commitment to cultural reconnection and personal healing. Through the Future Generations Foundation's support, Matthew participated in a series of healing and cultural ceremonies, including Sundance, fasting, and sweat lodge ceremonies. These ceremonies offer not only spiritual nourishment but also opportunities for reconciliation and healing from past traumas.

Matthew's involvement in his First Nation and Métis community, coupled with his professional experience in child welfare, positions him as a valuable advocate for cultural preservation and healing. Matthew is inspired to pass on these invaluable teachings to his children, peers, clients, and community members.

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