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Membertou Heritage Park

Kun'tewiktuk: A Celebration of Mi'kmaq Art, Music, and Culture

The Community of Membertou and its Elders recognize the importance of sharing culture and history with all people and believe that this sharing and celebration must come from the community itself. With support from the FG Foundation, the Membertou Heritage Park launched the Kun'tewiktuk: A Celebration of Mi'kmaq Art, Music, and Culture program, an arts program that fosters the growth of the next generation of Mi’kmaw artists.

Aspiring young artists received a bursary and were paired with a mentor for periodic one on one training. All participants were nominated through Membertou First Nation, for the six-to-seven-month program.  The young artists specialties include photography, beadwork, and painting. The mentors worked with the artists through virtual workshops to introduce viewers to the craft, discuss the cultural & historical significance, and teach key practices & techniques for those interested in pursuing opportunities in each artists’ discipline.

These mentorships provided the young artists a chance to hone their skills, learn from a respected artist, and carve a new path to success. The final stages of the program will see the artists creating and having the chance to showcase their work inside the Membertou Heritage Park, a community space that offers a living history of the people of Membertou. Over the course of the project, Kun'tewktuk has documented the journey of these young artists and share their experiences and artistic creations. View it here. The workshops were recorded and posted online to be shared with viewers across Turtle Island. 

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