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Mosquito Grizzly Bears Head Lean Man First Nation


Healing, Empowerment, Education and Employment Project


Mosquito Grizzly Bears Head Lean Man (MGBHLM) First Nation is an Assiniboine Nation located in the Eagle Hills of Saskatchewan with just over 1000 members. The HEEEP program was designed to support unemployed youth and adults who are struggling with the intergenerational impact of Residential Schools, leaving too many in a despair state. Support from the FG Foundation and MGBHLM Economic Development helped the community empower unemployed community members to make positive changes in their lives, family lives and great community lives.

The intensive 6-month holistic healing program provided participants with the chance to attend healing circles, feasts, and MGBHLM history lessons including the history of the signatory in Treaty 4 & 6, and language teachings hosted by an Elder and employment training services. The participants gained one week training for safety tickets, life skills training which included a 1-week practicum within a business owned by MGBHLM Economic Development. These program offerings created a sense of belonging, connection to culture, positive experiences, and sense of pride in their history and strength in knowing of the Warriors who came before.  

Throughout the duration of the program, participants focused on the personal holistic development and importance of family values and connection. The healthy environment generated will support the community to move forward, explore new ways of being and hopefully help set participant on a future path of success.

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