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Native Communications Society

Empowering Indigenous Youth through Language and Culture, Northwest Territories

The Native Communications Society (NCS) is leading a pioneering initiative aimed at empowering Indigenous youth by preserving language and culture. Through the creation of the 'Indigenous Language Digital Culture Tool,' NCS perserves Indigenous heritage and has created a deeper understanding of ancestral language and culture among future generations in the North.

At its core, the project is focused on ensuring that Northern youth have access to timely, relevant, and engaging tools for learning their ancestral languages. With guidance from experts in the educational field, the program employs innovative strategies and digital platforms to offer authentic language learning experiences.

Beyond language acquisition, the project seeks to cultivate meaningful connections between youth and their elders. By encouraging exploration of heritage and folklore in a fun and secure environment, the project aims to deepen youths' understanding of their ancestral language and culture while fostering stronger bonds with their elders.

This journey has already planted the seeds for a vibrant and resilient future for Indigenous youth in the Northwest Territories. With the generous support of the Future Generations Foundation, the 'Indigenous Language Digital Culture Tool' project is poised to leave a lasting impact, empowering youth to reclaim and celebrate their language and cultural heritage.

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