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The Syilx Language House

Ambassadors of the Syilx language and culture, British Columbia

In the heart of Syilx territory, the Syilx Language House (SLH) is nurturing a resurgence of the Syilx language and culture through its Adult Fluency & Community Program. This innovative initiative, now in its third year of funding from the Future Generations Foundation, encompasses a range of activities aimed at fostering fluency, community engagement, and cultural preservation.

Building upon eight years of successful language fluency efforts, SLH staff are immersed in delivering sequenced language instruction to learners. Through intense study sessions, participants delve into the complexities of the Salish Curriculum, with a focus on achieving intermediate proficiency by June 2024. Despite past challenges posed by the COVID pandemic, SLH has adapted its approach, leveraging technology to expand its reach and recruit highly skilled students.

As a cornerstone of the program, SLH diligently collects and shares elder recordings, serving as a source of advanced literature for language and culture learners. These recordings are meticulously archived, transcribed, and freely shared online, contributing to the preservation of traditional knowledge and fostering a deeper understanding of Syilx heritage.

SLH extends its impact beyond the classroom through a variety of community programs catering to both children and adults. From daycare language games to evening classes for adults, SLH is dedicated to creating inclusive and accessible language education opportunities for all members of the community.

As SLH empowers learners to become ambassadors of the Syilx language and culture, it is sowing the seeds of a vibrant and resilient future for the Sylix people.

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