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Waseskun Healing Centre

Barbara Monture Malloch Education Resource Centre, Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez, QC

The Waseskun Healing Centre was founded in 1988 near Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez, QC, with a mission to aid the healing process of incarcerated Indigenous men, while guiding their successful re-entry into their families, communities, and Nations.

The non-profit, Indigenous-led organization collaborates with local First Nations communities and Elders who share their knowledge of tradition, ceremony, and how to live well. Through these and other land-based teachings, residents at Waseskun learn how to accept responsibility for their actions and to understand the consequences they have created for themselves and others.

In the spring of 2021, a grant from the FG Foundation helped Waseskun Healing Centre launch a new program to aid its residents in obtaining long-term employment, formal education, and more.

The Barbara Monture Malloch Education Resource Centre (BMMERC) offered residents practical skills courses in safely operating power tools and light construction equipment, as well as preparatory classes for undertaking the standardized high school equivalency test (GED).

The BMMERC also granted residents access to a new library, complete with new computer equipment, which allowed them to improve their literacy skills and technological proficiency. Not only did this empower residents to improve their career prospects for the future, but it also enabled many to embark on personal research projects involving Indigenous language, community, family, tradition, heritage, and reconciliation.

The Waseskun Healing Centre says plans for the BMMERC include negotiations for residents to get hands-on training while working on local construction projects, the development of a carpentry training course, and the implementation of a higher education program for residents.

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