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Yvonne Wyss

Revitalizing Culture Through Academic Pursuit, British Columbia

Yvonne Wyss's educational journey is driven by her passion for preserving Indigenous knowledge and cultural history. Aspiring to pursue a master’s degree, Yvonne focuses on research and learning the traditional teachings of cedar, wool, and plant medicines within her ancestral territory.

Central to her academic endeavor is the republishing of her great grandfather's inspiring work, "Conversations with Khahtsahlano," which will serve as her doctoral thesis. She aims to infuse this work with decolonized perspectives and Indigenous research methodologies. Yvonne's goal is not merely academic; it is a cultural reclamation effort aimed at revitalizing her community's identity and history.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Yvonne seeks one-on-one mentorship with an elder and knowledge keeper to immerse herself in language learning and traditional teachings.

Yvonne's journey is not just about acquiring knowledge; it's about reclaiming identity, healing cultural wounds, and empowering future generations. With her dedication, resilience, and the support of the Future Generations Foundation, Yvonne Wyss embodies the spirit of cultural resurgence and academic excellence.

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