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Learn more about how we were created, where the money in the FG Foundation came from and other answers.

1. What is the mission of the FG Foundation?

The FG Foundation’s mission is to provide resourcing to create meaningful opportunities that improve the quality of life for First Nations and Métis people.

We fund a variety of programming which is self-determined by First Nation and Métis organizations and communities. Programming can be local, regional or national in scale based on the goals and needs of their communities and members.

The FG Foundation also supports First Nation and Métis individuals with goals related to education, with 7,131  learners accessing FG Foundation funding for post-secondary school tuition, training, personal cultural knowledge building and land based activities to-date.

2. Where did the money in the FG Foundation come from?

The funds currently available to beneficiaries from the Trust are from the residual settlement funds from the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement. These funds are restricted to be used for education programs aimed at healing and reconciliation. 

The Common Experience Payment, Independent Assessment Payment and Personal Education Credits are closed, and the funds dispersed through the Trust are different and separate from these compensation packages.

3. What is the governing structure of the FG Foundation?

The FG Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees, with a representative from each province and territory across Turtle Island. The Board overseas the management, strategic direction, and operations for the FG Foundation. You can learn more about our current Board of Trustees here.

4. How long will funding be available through the FG Foundation?

The FG Foundation is a rapidly growing organization with the ultimate goal of offering funding for First Nations and Métis individuals and organizations through a competitive application process for the next 20 plus years. To view our financial statements, click here.

5. Is the FG Foundation part of the Assembly of First Nations (AFN)?

No. The FG Foundation is a separate organization however it does have an obligation to report on its activities to the Chiefs in Assembly of the AFN once a year.

6. Is the FG Foundation the same as the “National Indian Brotherhood” (NIB)?

No. The NIB Trust Fund was established as a charity in 1975, with different mandate from the National Indian Brotherhood (NIB) now known as the Assembly of First Nations (AFN).  The FG Foundation administers the residual funds from the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement, to support communities and individuals in their programs of education aimed at healing and reconciliation.

7. What are the FG Foundation ’s current objectives?

Today, the FG Foundation contributes to the wellbeing of First Nation and Métis communities, individuals, and organizations by supporting several objectives and initiatives. The FG Foundation serves beneficiaries through providing support for much needed economic, social, and cultural programming, thereby supporting the retention of First Nations culture and values across Turtle Island.

Through these contributions, the FG Foundation promotes Indigenous life, culture, and educational programs. This is part of the overall healing and reconciliation programs and services efforts stemming from the aftereffects of the Indian Residential Schools system.

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